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I very much think that the video above captures just how distressing cyber bullying can be for children and teenagers. It is, in a way, far more difficult to cope with than other types of bullying.  A cowardly bully finds it even more easy to hide behind a computer without consequences to their actions.  Cyber bullying is not only harder to take, it’s also harder to stop.  A teacher or parent is in a worrying position if they find out a child is being cyber bullied.  They are faced with no clear-cut way of dealing with the problem,  the bullying is mostly anonymous and the culprit is harder to find and punish.

The different mediums of communication these days also makes this kind of bullying a constant presence. As the video shows, it’s not only online that kids face cyber bullying,  its phone calls and text messages too.

So, what can be done to combat this horrible kind of bullying?

Well, if you use MSN messenger or other similar services you usually see a “block” button, this prevents the person you block from being able to contact you or even see when you’re online.  Often alongside the block button there is “report abuse”.  I haven’t ever used this feature so I had to look up what it does and I couldn’t find any answers which suggests to me that it does little more than the block feature, with perhaps some added peace of mind.

The best things to do in these situations is same as with all bullying,  never try to deal with it on your own if you are the victim,  Schools often have procedures in place to find bullies, cyber or not. Keep records of everything that is said and e-mail addresses and phone numbers that is has come from where possible.

If you’re a parent, be aware.  If your child is being bullied online,  they may not react the same as they would if it was bullying at school.  Monitoring who your child is talking to is NEVER a bad idea, there are far bigger risks than bullying involved.  Speak to the school if your child is being bullied through any method.


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  1. I agree with your views on bullying but you say that reporting it to the schools is a good idea as they have measures in place to deal with bullying. However, these measures may not be applicable to the type of bullying, especially if the culprit cannot be clearly defined. Shouldn’t there be more powers for internet providers to block or censor some of these sites that are used intentionally to hurt people (another exaple are the new sites set up to spite ex-parteners) or would that lead to censorship issues?


    Comment by Claire | April 22, 2010 | Reply

  2. A lot of the problem doesn’t lie in sites specifically designed for hurting people, and the internet is huge and notoriously hard to censor, as may you know from my previous entries.

    I think it would definitely lead to censorship issues, censoring anything on the internet leads to these issues being raised. The web, because of it’s anonymous quality makes it useful for both freedom of speech and, sadly, internet bullying. I do believe measures need to be taken but how to go about it would be a more difficult challenge.

    Comment by Katie | April 22, 2010 | Reply

  3. I’m very concerned about the way victims can be intimidated through these sites. The fact that perpetrators are mostly anonymised gives them more power as the victim has no means of stoping them. The perpetrators can post anything they like about a victim and once posted and read can be hard to retract pschologically.

    Comment by Annelouise | May 14, 2010 | Reply

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