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Internet Warfare. Just How Dangerous Could it Be?

Today i’m going to talk about internet security on a much larger scale. In World War I and II the biggest threat to us was chemical warfare, and now nuclear weapons are a massive concern for the world.  These two things have something in common, if deployed, we are virtually defenseless to the effects.  It is only sensible to assume that if war was to break out tomorrow the first line of attack would be cyber warfare.  If you take down a countries Internet access, they are crippled.

The easiest example is the banks, Internet banking is used by the majority of people and business’  If you could take down the internet banks, the whole economy would come to a grinding halt, the knock on effect that this would have would surely be disastrous for individuals and the country as a whole.

This is not just a theory either, Russia has shown how effective a cyber attack could be in a dispute with Georgia. Russia targeted Georgia’s governmental websites by flooding the sites with requests that they could not process and therefore, closed down. The attacks are hard to trace and virtually impossible to stop, which makes them incredibly dangerous.

The ongoing dispute that China has with Google is one more example.  Google refused to comply with the heavy censorship that the Chinese government demanded and as a result China launched a cyber attack upon Google which interrupted there Chinese services, threating hundreds of Chinese jobs.

So what defence do we have against attacks like this? I can’t help but think that if Google has not been able to protect themselves from a suspected government launched attack, there is very little defence that could be had. There’s an article at this site that explains that the UK is ahead of the EU in terms of its cyber defence.  Unfortunately, there seems to be no information, anywhere on how we are actually protected, but I suppose if people knew how, it would be much easier to get around.

World War 3 may just be less WW3 and more WWW.


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