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On Sunday I had a staff meeting for my job at a Nando’s restaurant,  The whole workforce had to attend and one on the items on the agenda was Facebook.   At first, I was surprised, our meetings usually consist of talks about rotas and staff parties but this period, Facebook was high up on the priorities.  I’m not even sure if I’m allowed to disclose why Facebook featured so prominently, kind of ironic that I’m blogging about it really.

It is no secret that people have been fired from their jobs because of incidents on Facebook.  There’s a fantastic article  that shows the rise of social networking and the people who have lost their jobs along the way.

On researching for this blog I found the shocking statistic that 60% of potential employers will google an applicants name before taking them on and you have to consider that a potential employer, looking at your drunken photos may be a little put off.  I don’t want to be the nagging presence of your online life, but once again I come with a warning,  Facebook,  if used recklessly, can well and truely, ruin your life.

There’s a little something to brighten up your day!   Happy Social Networking!


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