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The banner for the PleaseRobMe.com website

So, many of you reading this are most probably technology orientated people, maybe you even have iPhone’s? Perhaps you use a certain App called Foursquare? Well if you do, you may well have made an unknowing appearance on the delightful website – PleaseRobMe.com

Now I, for one, am a big fan of this website and no, it’s not because I’m a robber, quietly watching your movements from the comfort of my sofa, waiting for you to “check in” in some far off location so that I can strike and steal all your worldly possessions.  Not at all, and I don’t think many thieves actually use PleaseRobMe.com but the thing is, they could, and then you would be kicking yourself knowing that if you had not informed the world of your location, perhaps you wouldn’t have been such an easy target.  But at least you’d still have your iPhone….Silver lining.

The reason why I love PleaseRobMe.com so much is because they are making a point, and excellently too if I may say so.  If you think about it most people will leave the house for the night, and leave a light on, so that the house doesn’t look empty, police would recommend you to do just that.  Yet no one seems to think twice about posting “Off on Holiday tomorrow!!  Two whole weeks!” to their Facebook.

Anyway, the masterminds behind PleaseRobMe.com are forthehack and if you visit their website it looks like they might have a few more tricks up their sleeves.  Here’s to hoping!  Maybe people might start to be a bit more careful about what they post.


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